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Bush Tucker


Dress up day

Emergency Work for Students

The worksheets/activities below may be useful if our school is temporarily closed by the Northern Territory Government. The collection was collated by Primary Schools within the Northern Suburbs. Please select, for your child/ren, the work that best suits their needs, interests, abilities and resources available. Reading and responding to a story (how did you feel, characters, what happened next, how would you improve the story, design a new cover) is always a delightful, sharing activity that develops student’s literacy. Equally useful is an illustrated daily diary.

Work from Alawa

Strong Beginnings 2


Self Learners

Work from Nakara

Early Childhood

Upper Primary

Healthy Journal

Work from Wanguri

Dinosaurs YR T - YR 6

Reptiles YR T - YR 6

Skeletons YR T - YR 6

Sea Creatures YR T - YR 6

Some Links to Educational Web Sites

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writing poetry

ABC for kids

online maths activities

for strong beginnings

practice you maths skills

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