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Homework Policy

Alawa Primary School has a policy of setting homework on a regular basis depending on year level.

The Purpose of the policy is to:
reinforce school work
increase communication between child, parent and teacher
develop self-discipline and good work habits
develop time management and organisational skills
prepare child for later education
provide revision time

Recommended Time Allocations

Strong Beginnings
Set work should be limited to a maximum of 15 minutes per night, Monday to Thursday
Reading to parents is a major activity at this stage
Ignition and Self Learners
Up to 1 hour per night, Monday to Thursday

Each class teacher will send a note home at the beginning of each year to outline and explain their homework expectations for the children.

Parents will be contacted if there is persistent non-compliance.

Home Reading - Strong Beginnings students
Reading books are issued to provide an opportunity for children and parents to read together. Please try to make your home reading regular and fun, to develop a positive attitude to books.
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