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PMP is Fun

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Strong Beginnings 2 Kangaroos

We are a Transition and Year One class who love having fun!!

We start our day with the PATTER program (Parents and Teachers Targeting Emergent Readers) where we work in small groups to do fun ‘hands on’ activities. Some of our parents come in to help us read as well.

We are learning to read and write, therefore we have phonics lessons to help us learn letter sounds, names, and formations. We learn about letters using all different kinds of things, for example play dough, plasticine, whiteboards, games, rhymes, worksheets and the Interactive Whiteboard. We also use our word wall to put words up that we have learnt.

Using technology in our classroom is one of our favourite things to do. Our Interactive Whiteboard is great fun to use. We can touch it, make things move and hear all different types of sounds. We use it in nearly everything we do: maths, literacy and integrated studies. Here we are learning about letters and numbers using the Interactive Whiteboard.

We are also lucky at Alawa Primary School to have a trolley of 28 laptops to use. We use laptops in PATTER, Guided Reading Groups, maths groups and for whole class activities. There are fun games to play that help us with our learning.

On two afternoons a week we have PMP (Perceptual Motor Program). We rotate around 4-5 different activities that are designed to improve perceptual awareness through motor skills.

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Come in and visit the Kangaroos anytime to see how much fun we are having with our learning!!

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