ANZAC Day 2020 - Year 5/6 Poem

Year 5/6 students

Year 5/6 students

The students in 5/6 Lotherington wrote a poem about their sense of the ANZAC spirit. This is a collection of verses from all of their poems, put together into one poem.

As we close our eyes and reflect. As the Last Post starts and the flags of our country flicker in the wind. We feel the spirit of the ANZACs with all our senses:

We see the pride in the young people’s eyes as the ANZACs slowly march on

We see the outline of the bugler, standing proud, standing tall in the light of dawn

We can see the nervous worried faces of boys as they rowed their boats to shore

And we can see the joy in the eyes of returning soldiers embracing their families once more

We feel a sense of mateship, forged in battle, still with us today

We feel grateful for their time, their protection, they’re sacrifice

We feel proud for all that they have done for us, for their families, their countries, for each other

We hear the respectful still silence as we remember the brave ones

We hear the worried words of parting as the soldiers left their mothers, wives and families for the war

We hear the lonesome and comforting call of the bugler, calling the soldiers to rest

We can taste the dust and the dirt of the cliffs that met them on that April morning

 We can taste the sand, the sea, the salt as we remember them on the dark morning beach.

We can taste the sweet and salty tears of joy and laughter of those coming home mixing with the tears for those not.

We taste the chewy oats and sugary Golden Syrup goodness of the freshly baked ANZAC biscuits, and we remember them

We remember the past and we thank them for watching over us