Miss Sullivan's Nepal Trek

Ms Sullivan touching Mera Peak

Ms Sullivan touching Mera Peak

Late last term Ms Sullivan returned back from trekking in Nepal followed by 2 weeks quarantine, here is her story.

The trip started in Kathmandu where she spent a few days meeting the group of trekkers and getting their gear organised before flying to the famous Lukla airport. The group spent 8 days trekking through the remote Hinku Valley towards Mera Peak which they were aiming to summit. The tracks were steep and rugged and some parts covered in snow and the walking was hard work. One day they walked for more than 7 hours. The scenery was beautiful though and they walked through little villages, forests and up through the valley which follows a fast flowing river. She got to try lots of the local food including Dal Bhat and Alu Dum which the classes got to make in kitchen lessons, walking for that long sure works up an appetite.

On one of the days they did a Puja ceremony which is a Buddhist tradition asking the mountain gods for safe travel to the top of the mountain.

Unfortunately the trip was cut short and they didn’t get to go to Mera Peak because countries were closing their borders due to the Coronavirus and everyone had to leave Nepal as quickly as possible so they didn’t get stuck there. Ms Sullivan had to be evacuated by helicopter out of the mountains and try to arrange flights back to Australia. The helicopter ride was amazing and the flight took 20 minutes to fly back along the way that had taken 7 days to walk. Luckily she managed to get onto a flight and return back to Sydney before getting home to Darwin to do quarantine.

What an adventure, she will have to go back there again one day and finish the trip.