Summit 3

Summit 3

Year 6 students from Alawa Primary School have joined 250 other Year 6 students and recently spent the day at the Casuarina Education Precinct SUMMIT 2018 - #learningsuperpowers hosted at the Darwin Convention Centre.

The purpose of this year’s SUMMIT was to work collaboratively with our students to build powerful leadership capacity and mindsets. Students were then provided with the opportunity to define a shared vision and expectation for their future education.

Students worked collaboratively with other students from the Casuarina area in numerous breakout sessions including;

‘What do we value?’ – a look at the core skills that students value most and would like to spend more time building into and across their learning.

‘The Future world of work’ - Supporting students to identify their aspirations v opportunity in the ever changing world of work.

Students worked with specialists Ryan Martin from the Learning Project and Liv Pennie from BecomE. This was an excellent opportunity for our students and we look forward to seeing students becoming leaders not only at our school but also in the community and into the future.