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https://www.schoolsplus.org.au/early-intervention-wraparound-service/?fbclid=IwAR01mUBuEmQ3wQX3quEqlb456O71ltLYGLa8ltQ1801tV6E1iG4UZuGbXNQWe are a small primary school supporting the learning for a multicultural group of children in the Darwin suburb of Alawa.  We have strong school values which underpin the school motto "Learning, Caring and Sharing". 

Over the past four years our “Wrap-Around Service” has been providing timely and effective speech therapy, occupational therapy and pediatric services to identified at risk of learning students.

We need $23,250 to continue offering “Wrap-Around Service” across 2019.

Early intervention gets children on positive learning path sooner

To date, over 50 students have received therapy and treatment from specialists. Students needing speech and occupational therapy receive 6-8 weeks of intensive therapy, improving their motor planning, gross motor, fine motor and core strength.   

Last year alone, our school pediatrician provided a range of support to students from over 28 families.  Support included: enabling funding within 6 weeks for intensive classroom support for five students, identification of two students requiring urgent operations due to oxygen deficiency and confirming eligibility for students to seek support via the National Disability Insurance Scheme to access ongoing therapy, support and resources.

Our “Wrap-Around Service” means students get support earlier and get on track to meet their developmental and educational milestones.

In 2019, we will add in counselling for individuals & families.  By employing a part-time counsellor as part of our “Wrap-Around Service” we will be able to support students with trauma-based concerns.  Research into Early Childhood trauma indicates that without intensive counselling a child is more likely to grow to repeat the cycle of their experience or have mental health issues.   

Donate today to help us continue to provide our “Wrap-Around Service” in 2019

We need $23,250 to deliver the necessary pediatric, occupational therapy, speech therapy and counselling services as part of our “Wrap-Around Service” in 2019. 

Without support the program will cease.

Your kind donation will help us help students and families get therapy and support early in a student’s schooling years - giving them a brighter future for learning.

Donate now, all donations over $2 are tax deductible.

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