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21st Century Learning

At Alawa Primary School we believe for students to maximize their current and future opportunities that the development of learning and social skills will empower them to be better learners. A 21st Century learner uses ALLE's tools, a Growth Mindset and a positive attitude towards learning and life. Our Teaching and Learning Model, Co-constructing Success Criteria, Picture books, Kagan Strategies, Attitude Train are initiatives that we have introduced to support students in becoming 21st Century Learners.


21st Century Learner

ALLE has a toolbox for learning. The tools in this toolbox are: Problem solve, Reflect, Communicate, Collaborate and Persist.

Students across the school use this common language to discuss their learning.

This is based on the work of Carol Dweck and James Anderson to understand the significant impact mindsets can have on learning and development. Our over-arching belief is that the development of a growth mindset is the key to effectively utilising ALLE’s Tools for Learning.

Please enjoy and share the following ALLE videos:

Chapter 1     Chapter 2 - Problem Solve     Chapter 3 - Persist       Chapter 4 - Reflect     Chapter 5 - Communicate     

Chapter 6 - Collaborate                                                                            

In the following videos students share their own understandings of ALLE's Tools:

Problem Solve              Persist              Reflect              Communicate              Collaborate

Student Led Conferences - Students lead conferences with their parents and teachers in Term 1 and 3 to reflect on and discuss their learning journey. At these conferences, students use data and learning reflections as a basis for discussion.

Data - We have a strong focus across the school on data. Students are consistently engaged in data conversations specific to their own learning. They use this data to set and discuss goals and reflect and report on learning.

Feedback - Effective feedback must answer three major questions asked by a teacher and / or a student. Where am I going? (What are the goals?) How will I know what progress is being made toward the goal? Where to next? (What activities need to be undertaken to make better progress?)

At Alawa Primary School we are committed to supporting our students become 21st Century Learners.

Please click here to view the 21st Century Teaching and Learning booklet.

Student Voice

At Alawa Primary School we are committed to ensuring students have a voice – an opportunity to inform and influence all that goes on at our school. We are also committed to providing a range of opportunities for students to develop and display leadership skills.

The following is information that is circulated to students and is displayed in classrooms for their reference.

Student Leadership